New Picture Books that are Ideal for Adults

New Picture Books that are Ideal for Adults

Whenever you mention the phrase picture book, then many people automatically think of a children’s book or something of that ilk. The biggest difference between picture books and illustrated books is that the former has very little text, and the medium is often used to relay children’s stories.

However, having said all that, there are many picture books that are aimed firmly at the adult market especially at this moment in time. We have put together some recent picture books that no adult should be ashamed to read.

DC-T – Joana Avillez and Molly Young

Back in 1987, a delightful puzzle book was published called CBD, it invited its readers to decode messages by reading out the text out loud. (CDB representing see the bee). Thirty years on Joana Avillez and Molly Young pay homage to the former book by William Steig and developed the idea to be a playful romp through the great city of New York. This book has some great illustrations to emphasize the quizzes and is a great deal of fun.

Dog Years – Kaye Blegvad

The author/illustrator of this book, Kaye Blegvad is a talented maker of home accessories, jewelry, and clothing. And in her spare time, she opts for a spot of illustrating. In her latest book she tells of her fight with depression by taking care of a bad dog. This book is perfect for dog lovers or somebody struggling with the illness, and the beautifully bound book is full of Kaye’s trademark monochrome watercolor images.

A Girls Guide to Personal Hygiene – Tallulah Pomeroy

This funny, witty and often hilarious book touches upon taboo subjects that females often do not talk about. Most women harbor some nasty habits that they would never disclose to a confidant, but in this book by Tallulah Pomeroy the gloves are off and all grossness is unleashed.

The book is full of edgy anecdotes by women of the things they like to do behind closed doors, quite often they are almost unmentionable but the lively and humerus illustrations help to show women in all their glorious naughtiness.

Love That Bunch – Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Aline Kominsky-Crumb developed her comic strip alter-ego, The Bunch, as a way to portray her irreverence of the world and the things that irk her. For The Bunch there was no topic that was off limits, and the drawings often portrayed her main character in most unladylike situations.  This is a new book of her irreverent musings and it is really a collection of forty years of her life.

The Prince and the Dressmaker – Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a fairytale book of outstanding proportions. It has already been acquired for its film rights, with the main character being the main attraction. The prince is a teenager with a fluid gender identity who likes to dress up in gowns at night.

Fairytale book
Fairytale book

The prince enlists the help of Frances, a talented dressmaker, who he shuns into the dark. But as the celebrity status of the prince grows, Frances demands the recognition that she deserves. A highly funny and somewhat avant-garde book.